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How Your Investment Helps

The DC Fire & EMS Foundation raises funds to support training, employee wellness, and equipment and facilities for the DC Fire & EMS Department.

93% of the Department's budget funds operations, leaving only 1% of the non-personnel budget for training and less than 2% for non-capital equipment and facilities maintenance. The Foundation supplements the Department's needs that are not included in its municipal budget.

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In recent years, DC Fire & EMS has established a Leadership Development Academy, an Immersive Lab and Education Center for EMS, a command simulation program, and an increased level of in-service training for all disciplines. 

Nonetheless, more funding is needed for tuition reimbursement for professional development at all levels, as well as for training at the middle and senior management level for the development of the Department's future leaders.


Employee Wellness 

Firefighters and EMS personnel are at increased risk for cardiac conditions, infectious disease, cancer, mental illness, and substance abuse. The daily and cumulative stress and sacrifice of their jobs takes its toll.


The DC Fire & EMS Foundation supports the safety and well being of DC Fire & EMS employees and their families through support of the Department's peer support and wellness programs, as well as other initiatives like supporting an annual awards program and Cazo's K-9s.  



DC Fire & EMS personnel cannot do their life saving work without the right equipment, which is expensive and requires ongoing maintenance. DC's EMS patients and fire rescue victims deserve the best; quality and reliability of equipment make a difference in outcomes and employee safety.


Most DC Fire & EMS personnel work 24 hour shifts out of fire houses that serve as both their workplace and home. Their facility needs are unique compared to other DC agencies, and they impact employees' quality of life.


The Department's Training Academy campus is outdated for the Department's current operations and is in need of significant modernization and repair.

The DC Fire & EMS Foundation supports providing personnel with state of the art equipment and facilities so that they can provide the best service commensurate with the high priority Departmental mission of saving lives.

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