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DC residents and businesses can count on #DC's Bravest to be there quickly to save lives and property.

  • DC Firefighters arrive at fire scenes in 5 minutes and 20 seconds or less over 90% of the time, making them national leaders in meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards. 

  • They also confine fires to the room of origin over 80% of the time,

  • And they confine fires to the structure of origin over 95% of the time. 


Preventing Fire Fatalities 

Despite DC's Bravest's excellent record rescuing fire victims and preserving property, each year the District loses too many lives to fires, with an uptick in fire fatalities over the last few years. 

DC Fire & EMS works with the community to prevent these tragedies with its All Hands on Prevention and other programs. The Department has a strong Fire Prevention Division that on an annual basis conducts over 12,000 building inspections, investigates almost 200 arsons, installs over 3,000 smoke alarms, and conducts hundreds of fire safety education sessions for kids, seniors, and other residents and business owners.



Safe Staffing 

DC Fire & EMS is fortunate to have the NFPA recommended staffing levels on its fire apparatus. While this staffing has been reduced in other jurisdictions, as well as in DC during economic downturns in the past, DC fully staffs its apparatus.


The DC Fire & EMS Foundation supports maintaining current staffing levels for the safety of our firefighters and residents.

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