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Olaf "Pete" Pederson

Board Member

Pete also works closely with Pepco’s partners prior to and during system events developing procedures and protocols targeted at improving coordination and communication among utilities and first responders. In addition, since 2002 he is responsible for all coordination & planning with Federal, state & local law enforcement and emergency management agencies during any National Special Security Events (NSSE’s) on the Pepco system. 

Pete has over 44 years of experience in the electrical industry and has held positions in various divisions of the company including Systems Operations, Safety and Emergency Preparedness. In addition, to his role as Manager of Emergency Preparedness, Mr. Pedersen coordinates Pepco’s Emergency Services Partnership Program or “ESPP.”  This program is designed to share critical electrical safety training and information with first responders (Fire, Police & CERT) to ensure their safety when responding to electrical emergencies.

Olaf "Pete" Pederson
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